Notes to My Activist Self

Sophy Ramírez  | 10 de noviembre de 2018  | Vistas: 53

Activism Freedom Human Rights

In this conference of the College Freedom Forum, Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian activist, shares his experience through life that made him became a revolutionary. He mentions the things that reminded him to never give up and continue fighting so that freedom and human rights can be implemented and applied in his country.

He starts his speech by sharing the time that he was most scared in his life, and how he felt when being abducted by the authorities. Then he tells his story: where he grew up and the studies he took, that contributed to his personality and view of life.

Being an outsider shaped my view of life. It made able to question authority and challenge systematic abuse use of power.”

After this, he mentions the events that were shocking for him, but then turn him into an activist, so he talks about how he left a great job in Google and his "safe or normal life" to fight for freedom and human rights.

He presents the ways he used social media anonymously to point out his ideas, the risks he took to make a difference, and how he claim for a protest that with the help of more movements, was developed on January 25 of 2011. 

I believed that people like me, who are privileged with their experience and education, has a moral responsibility to contribute back.”

Then Ghonim expresses his feelings when he had to leave his country, mentions the things he learned from himself, and the situations that remind him to be a better activist.

To conclude, he reads a letter and gives an inspiring message for society.


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