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    Initial credits
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    Introduction by Arthur Chait
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    ¿How did you get involved with entrepreneurship and how did you become one?
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    Making profit with internet
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    From Pakistan to California
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    ¿What is the mission at Draper University? ¿what do you do and What does it do?
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    Barriers of becoming an entrepreneur
  • 00:09:04    |    
    Entrepreneurs going back to their countries.
  • 00:09:44    |    
    The Antigua Forum experience
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    Final words

From chocolate seller to a successful entrepreneur

Yasmin Valdez  | 06 de julio de 2018  | Vistas: 47

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Asra Nadeem is a managing partner at Draper University ventures; she tells how her first encounter with a computer opened the doors of entrepreneurship and how that encounter led her to become a successful entrepreneur.

The only thing holding humanity back or anybody back is themselves.”

When Asra was in college living in Pakistan, she saw that they didn’t have access to various products that her friends, family, and people in the region, really liked. Being one of the few with internet access, she saw the opportunity to do business from it, and make some extra money.

She collaborated on a big project, with a guy from Silicon Valley, that got funding from Tim Draper and DFJ, some of the big venture capital investors. After this, Nadeem realized that she loved the challenges of entrepreneurship. Then Asra discusses her journey from Pakistan to Canada, where she had a lot of successes and failures. She took a leap that got her to become part of one of the top entrepreneurial universities in California.

It's nice if you succeed but it doesn't mean you're bad if you don't.” - Arthur Chait

Nadeem tells more about why this university project was started, why is a unique learning experience, and which are the benefits of being part of the program. She also presents how everything is going since they've started working with diverse and talented entrepreneurs. She talks about the common barriers when trying to become an entrepreneur and the wrong view of them.

She ends up discussing if there is a way to show how to destroy these obstacles, and how they work through it with their students. In the end, Asra comments on her experience at the Antigua Forum and why she decided to come.

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Managing partner, Draper University ventures


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